Argyle & Zindu at the Goodfoot 7/11/18

Argyle is back once again to bring you the funky instrumental bangers you love! This time we’re teaming up with Portland’s Zindu to give you a double dose of groove, jazzfunk, fusion, and more! Don’t miss this humpday throwdown!

Doors 9 / Music 10 / 5 Bones At The Door




Starday Tavern April 6, 2018

Sure, you love Argyle.  You enjoy the sweet sounds of uninterrupted instrumental funk as much as the next Portlander.  But there’s something else that might just get you up and out to the Starday on Friday, April 6: Genghis the super rad bar dog.  Now I can’t promise that he’ll give you a private audience, but he has crashed the stage at least once during our gigs at the Starday.  And just look at that face!

Friday, April 6, 9:30 PM, No Cover.

More on Genghis

Directions to the Starday

Argyle Plays the Blue Room Oct 13

We’re bringing our special goodness to the blueness. Music 9-12 Midnight on Friday, October 13th.

Nestled between the 82nd, HARNEY, the totes bikeable Springwater Corridor Trail and the mighty Johnson Creek, in the heart of Cartlandia, the Blue Room’s 20 or so beers will refresh your palate betwixt nibbles from 32 or so food carts. All the while, Argyle’s giving you the funk. In your ear hole.

Check out their web presence. I’m getting hungry.