Triple Nickel Canceled?! FREE MUSIC!!!

As you’ve no doubt gleaned from the interspheres, our gig tonight has been cancelled, due to unforseen family-related emergencies on the part of the venue.  We hope everything turns out OK for them!  We’ve posted some new tunes (free!) below, and you can catch us at The Blue Room October 13th and Starday on December 8th.

Because this is such an unacceptable a situation for the stalwart fans of Argyle, we thought we’d post some music clips to keep you up to date on what we’ve been up to lately.  These songs, while not World Premieres per se, are Internet Premieres.  Please enjoy.

We love writing funky tunes in 7. So, here is another, “Who’s Counting?” Enjoy and happy humpday!

“Ample Returns” is a solid jam, with a catchy hook from Nick on the Guitar:

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